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Royal Waikiki Garden

Greater Hawaii


Royal Waikiki Garden will bring 30+ countries' Authentic Garden, design & construct by own country.

Royal Waikiki Garden

Royal Waikiki Garden will show case authentic gardens from around the world, designed and constructed by botanical artisans from each country.



Ala Wai Golf Course open in 1931

Built on Site of Territorial Fairgrounds

Approximately 150 acres redesigned twice



Royal Waikiki Garden could open phase 1 by 2025

Use of land open to residents & visitors

Phase one: Redesign of 80-100 acres with a 9 hole course in full use

Phase two: Complete Garden Relocate course


Look, feel, and enjoy the nature

Royal Waikiki Garden will be a showcase of beauty.
Ala Wai neighbors will view a lush garden scenery and enjoy a greater appreciation of the nature as their properties appreciate the value!


Enjoy the Garden!

Authentic gardens - designed by architects from Hawaii and other countries of origin


Traditional performance art forms showcase each evening including Hula, Honolulu Symphony and more from Hawaii state.


Restaurants from around the world serve authentic cuisine
-Restaurant food could be featured

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Manmade Moonbow Garden and Rainbow Garden

Hawaii is the world's rainbow capital.

The Royal Waikiki Garden will bring the beauty of rainbow and moonbow to all.
Take selfies and enjoy!

Royal Waikiki Garden at night.

The Royal Waikiki Garden night lights will bring spectacular visual art and shows for evening enjoyment.

Art Gallery

Year around art exhibition gallery from all over the world will open at dawn.


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Disclaimer: The photos and statements within this website are not actual but to represent vision for a "Royal Waikiki Garden" of the future.

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