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Royal Waikiki Garden

Greater Hawaii



Paul Cynn

KunKuk University / Forestry Major
Businessman & Investor

*Never been hired / always in business
- Discount Autoparts Inc
- Idea hunter Inc (
- Currently working on
(Application of forecasting rainbow)

Business Experience

1998 - Idea Hunter, Inc.. P.O.Box 700093, Kapolei, HI 96709

Corporation established for current and future inventions. Patented products: Golf clubs: Crystal Putter, Sniper Putter, Samurai, Vertical Shaft Toys: Snow Block, Basketball Hoop Merchandise: Crab Scissors, Flying Swatter, Sexercisor, Fox Tail Rainbow

2006 - Discount Auto Parts, 91-222 Olai St.,Kapolei, HI 96707

Oahu's Leading supplier of new and used auto parts.

2012 - $10 Tire Store 87-1784 Farrington Hwy. Waianae, HI 96792

Affordable New fused. On-site Service and Balancing.


1981 - Graduate. KunKuk University, Forestry Major

2013 - Certificate. Export University. HI Pacific Export Council

Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone. Oahu

Baking, Shipping, and Legal statutes learned for international sales of invented products.


NaeJeung Lee

MIRIM Development co. CEO

1963~1971 - Graduated from Seoul National University

1975~1983 - KIST Jeju

1983~1985 - Gunhwa Landscape architecture work

1985~1991 - Yeomiji Botanical Garden Director

1992~2016 - Landscape Facilities Construction work

1995~현재 - Landscape Planting Construction work

Featured Projects

2002.01. Busan Children's Hall, Landscaping for The Plant Exhibition hall New Construction
2002.09. jeju mokgwana office, Landscaping
2002.10. International Tangerine Green House, Landscape design service
2002.12. Ulsan University Botanic Garden, Indoor Planting and landscape construction
2003.01. International Tangerine Green House, Landscape construction
2004.06. Kyungsang nam do Botanical Garden, landscape construction for the tropical and ecological forests
2005.01. SEOUL Forest park, Indoor Planting and landscaping for Greenhouse
2005.01. Jeju Agriculture Ecology park, Landscape construction
2005.08. Kyungsang nam do Botanical Garden, planting for the warm-temperate forest
2005.12. Jinhae Bay Ecology Forest, Landscape construction

2006.03. Jeju Elysian cc, Landscape maintenance construction, phase
2006.03. Gayasan Wildflower Botanical Garden, planting for the facility supplementation
2006.10 Jinhae Botanical Garden, Landscape construction
2007.06. Nani Resource plant greenhouse, Landscape design service
2007.10. Jinhae Bay Ecology Forest, planting for greenhouse maintenance construction
2008.01. Citrus Museum, Landscape construction for the subtropical forest
2008.10. Kyungsang nam do Botanical Garden, Planting for the tropical forest
2008.11. Midongsan Botanical Garden, indoor planting for the greenhouse
2009.10 Halla Ecology Forest, Planting service
2009.12. Samdasoo Park, Landscape design service for the Samdasoo village Forest walkway
2010.04 Halla Ecology Forest, Landscape design service for the facility supplementation

2010.02. ~ 2011.10. Hanbat Arboretum, landscape construction for the botanical garden
2012.01. ~ 2012.02. Naju Ecology Experience Center, Planting for the facility supplementation
2012.11. ~ 2013.08. Planting the Gyeongju Botanical Garden construction
2015.04. ~ 2016.04. Gyeongju East Place Garden Building Planting for the Indoor landscape construction
2015.12. ~ 2016.06. Hangpyung neighborhood park, planting for the indoor facility
2018.08. ~ 2018. 10. Hanbat Arboretum, planting for the greenhouse
2015.03. -2019. 10. Geoje Nature Ecology Theme Park, Planting for the facilities
2018.10. ~ 2019. 08. Jeju Pororo Theme Park, Planting for the facilities

We understand...

1. City & State doesn't have budget to make the garden.
2. If the City does the work, it'll take forever.
3. Super idea from an inventor, Paul Cynn.
   - Instead of a few rich investors, Hawaii residence only.
   - Many small investors with capital of $10,000 each
   - Many people (investors) means many abilities in various field, faster process. i.e.) community group, board, permits from the City & State.
4. We are expecting $700 million meaning we need 70,000 plus investors. $10,000 each or less.
5. Currently, we are not asking investment. We need the investment pledge & support. Send your pledge & amount or just support. (section)
6. RWG is like a farm not selling fruits, vegitables, or grains but just getting paid by showing its beauty. We are expecting a high rate of re-visit as well as the first visitors of the garden.
7. The investment of $10,000 will become value of $1,000,000.
RWG is expecting $1 Billion in gross sale per year, 3000+ new jobs, and $150 M tax revenue.
8. RWG project can also be a great election pledge for 2020 Mayor candidates, Ricki Blangiary and or Keith Amamiya.
9. A revolution comes from a crazy dream.

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