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Vince Shin
Nov 20, 2020
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We understand... 1. City & State doesn't have budget to make the garden. 2. If the City does the work, it'll take forever. 3. Super idea from an inventor, Paul Cynn. - Instead of a few rich investors, Hawaii residence only. - Many small investors with capital of $10,000 each - Many people (investors) means many abilities in various field, faster process. i.e.) community group, board, permits from the City & State. 4. We are expecting $700 million meaning we need 70,000 plus investors. $10,000 each or less. 5. Currently, we are not asking investment. We need the investment pledge & support. Send your pledge & amount or just support. (section) 6. RWG is like a farm not selling fruits, vegitables, or grains but just getting paid by showing its beauty. We are expecting a high rate of re-visit as well as the first visitors of the garden. 7. The investment of $10,000 will become value of $1,000,000. RWG is expecting $1 Billion in gross sale per year, 3000+ new jobs, and $150 M tax revenue. 8. RWG project can also be a great election pledge for 2020 Mayor candidates, Ricki Blangiary and or Keith Amamiya. 9. A revolution comes from a crazy dream.
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Vince Shin

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